MLL in brief

The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare is the largest child welfare organization in Finland. It has 87 000 members and 556 local associations throughout the country. The work of these local associations is supported by the League’s 10 district organizations. 

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MLL Oulunkylä in brief

MLL Oulunkylä is a local association. Most of the activity in our local association is based on volunteer work. MLL Oulunkylä was established in 1925 and we have more than 300 members nowadays.

What we do

Jois us and help us in carrying out different ideas and activities.

Let´s work together for the good of children, youth and families with children.

Contact us 

If you have questions about what we do, some development ideas or wishes regarding our work, please contact us. We warmly welcome you to come join us in making this region an even better place for our children and families to live in! You can contact us here or send an e-mail oulunkylan.yhdistys@mll.fi.